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apt-get install dvipng texlive-latex-base texlive-extra-utils texlive-math-extra mimetex texlive-latex-extra
Unknown macro: {latex}


Unknown macro: {Excitement and Hard Maths}

Quotation marks are inserted into text using ` for open quotes, and '
for close quotes. If double quotes are needed you just type two
single quotes — ``This is a quotation,'' he said. Notice that you
can produce different length dashes by typing one, two and three
hyphens. Between hyphenated words use just one inter-word hyphen.
Two hyphens are often used for number ranges (23--45). Three hyphens
are used a bit like semicolons — you know the sort of thing.

\LaTeX\ always puts extra space after a full stop like this.
To prevent the extra gap occuring in the middle of a name you insert
a tie like this (Mr.~Jones).

This is a bit of prose which is gently building up to the excitement
of an equation.

Unknown macro: {eqnarray}


Unknown macro: {2}

+bx+c \nonumber
E&=&mc^2 \nonumber

Unknown macro: {delta y over delta x}

&=& {{a\over b}\over c}

Don't worry too much if it looks
complicated, the main purpose was to give an \emph

Unknown macro: {idea/}

of the
quality of maths which \LaTeX\ can produce. Let's look at a rather
simpler formula. Subscripts are written ( x_

Unknown macro: {2y} ) and superscripts
are written ( x^

). These are both in-line formulae.


Unknown macro: {Conclusions}

This example illustrates a number of \LaTeX\ features. By comparing
the original and the processed text you should be able to see

Unknown macro: {enumerate}

\item How to open and close both single and double quotes.
\item How to produce dashes and what they look like.
\item How to typeset Ms.~Smith.
\item How to produce subscripts and superscripts.
\item How to emphasize a section of text \emph

Unknown macro: {like this}

\item How to produce a numbered list of things.